After the Flood

Are you putting the pieces back together following the flooding? Would you like the opinion of a professional prior to the reconstruction process? If so… we can help. Read on to see the services we offer to help you return back to normal!

United Fire & Water Damage of LA, LLC can help you make sure that moisture content levels are normal in your property, and that you don’t have any potential mold issues.

Moisture Inspection

Moisture Inspection After the Flood

We are offering inspection services including documented moisture content readings. This includes one of our experts scanning your property with an infrared camera to detect any problem areas, as well as documented, and precise moisture content levels of sheathing and sill plates. These are the areas that remain wet the longest, and the areas that we have seen as problematic. If those areas are still wet – you will know it. And if they are dry, you will have documented proof to present to any potential buyer when the time comes. Pricing for documented moisture check starts at $250 and will vary depending upon size and location of your property.

Mold Inspection

This is a visual inspection of your property coupled with our moisture content documentation service. The service will provide you with a document stating that your home was inspected by a licensed mold remediation contractor, and that we found no visible issues related to mold at the property. This service will include a copy of our credentials (see link below) and our invoice stating that our services were completed at your property. Pricing for this service starts at $400 and will vary depending upon the size and location of your property.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

We also offer Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing. This service will provide you with an outdoor (baseline) sample that will be compared to indoor samples. As long as the levels indoors meet certain criteria, the property would be considered to have acceptable indoor air quality levels. Pricing for this service is $150 per sample and requires a minimum of 2 samples. We are suggesting that the IAQ testing be completed at a later date. Once the debris has been removed from the curb, and outside air quality has returned to something closer to normal will be a better time to have this done.

Duct Cleaning

And finally… the duct work in your home went through a lot in the last month. Our duct cleaning service is a truck mounted professional service that removes the dust and dirt from your air conditioning ducts in your home. It helps reduce contaminated air being sent back through your vents.  Let us know when you get close to the completion of the reconstruction process. We can get that taken care of for you!

Trust an Expert

Many people helped during the flooding – friends, church groups, volunteers and many others. Just because your work was done by people outside of the restoration and remediation industry – doesn’t mean that you can’t have a professional sign off on the work that was done.

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For a detailed list of credentials please visit our website.