Black Mold from Water Damage in Baton Rouge, LA

The invisible water damage may not bother you initially but eventually becomes an alarming issue. Know that black molds are very much linked to this defect. So, if there’s even a small hint of a leakage, it’s high time to call the right person.

No worries. United Fire & Water team is always prepared to respond to your emergency and provide the ultimate solution swiftly. Be assured of the smooth and quick, sustainable solution by our well-equipped and IICRC-certified expert technicians.

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Reasons Why Water Damage cannot Go on Unfixed

The worst part of water damage is that it triggers the mold-growth within 24 to 48 hours. Such a situation is not something to carry on without repairing. You never know whether and when the structural damage has already begun on the other side. By the time black molds are appearing, you have lost the first chance.

The problem doesn’t end here. Dampness turns out straight away all over your furniture and other home appliances if the matter is kept untreated. No matter the season is spring or post-rainy season, you have to be alert all through the year.

But, we have good news for you. Even after risks and defects, it’s still possible and convenient to secure and take care of your home. Just don’t ignore the signs and your gut about a mold inspection, mold testing, or mold removal. The earlier you take action, the safer it is.

When to Call for Help?

If any of the signs are there, call the inspection team.

  • Musty or rotten Smell
  • Soft drywall, cracked paints
  • Discoloration, water rings
  • Dark black spots on the wall
  • Reactions like Stuffy Nose, Red, Itchy Eyes, Wheezing, etc. by people with asthma or allergies.

Contact United Fire & Water for a Quick and Easy Solution

We know you love your home. Delaying will only let the situation worsen. Say goodbye to water damage and black mold. Contact us by calling 225-401-6568. Click here for an easy appointment if you’re a resident of Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, St. Tammany, or nearby any of our Gulf Coast service areas.