Flooded Basement Cleanup & Restoration across Baton Rouge, LA

You can not neglect a flooded basement as it can damage your property and create an unhygienic environment. When your basement is flooded because of water damage, you should appoint a professional restoration company as soon as possible.

Speaking of professionals, United Fire & Water is one of the top professional restoration service providers in Denham SpringsCovingtonBaton Rouge, and across Louisiana. We have been providing restoration services for more than two decades. In case of a flooded basement or any other flood damage issues, you can always rely on United Fire & Water. You can reach out to us at 225-401-6568 or book an appointment via the online form.


Advantages of Choosing United Fire & Water

It is vital to address basement flooding promptly to prevent harm to your property. Here are some reasons why our flooded basement cleanup and repair services can help you:

  • Extract Water: Our cleanup and repair services are capable of rapidly removing water from your basement, thereby preventing further property damage.
  • Prevent Mold & Bacteria: Damp, flooded basements are breeding grounds for mold and bacteria, which can endanger your health. We can eliminate these risks and restore your basement's habitability.
  • Prevent Structural Damage: Flooding can damage your foundation, walls, and floors. Our services can prevent such damage and take necessary measures to protect your property from further harm.
  • Equipment & Expertise: Our team has specialized tools and trained staff who can quickly and efficiently address flooded basements.

Get A Cleaned & Restored Flooded Basement

To perfectly clean and restore your flooded basement, United Fire & Water has a specialized team and advanced equipment to proceed. We have a 24/7 emergency response service to support you in any situation. Our wide range of services is available in HammondSorrento, Lafayette, and throughout our Gulf Coast service areas. We can also help you with insurance claims. Learn more about our service at 225-401-6568 and get the restoration immediately.