Prevent Mold Infestation in Baton Rouge & Denham Springs

Molds can cause widespread structural damage as well as degrade the quality of your indoor air. Moreover, it has diverse effects on health. To protect your property & family from mold damage, United Fire & Water offers mold prevention services and mold remediation services.

Preventing mold growth is the best way to avoid complications. Mud grows when there's water, food (like dead organic matter), and oxygen. The key element to take care of here is ‘water’. Water spills, leaks, & water damage are the leading reasons for mold. This is why United Fire & Water provides 24/7 emergency response for water damage restoration services. Our services are available in Baton Rouge, Sorrento, Kenner, Hammond & other nearby areas in Louisiana. Call us now at 225-401-6568 to prevent mold infestation.

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Quick Response Time to Prevent Mold Growth

United Fire & Water’s IICRC-Certified team is ready around-the-clock to deal with water damage across Louisiana. Water-soaked structures such as wood pack a lot of moisture in them. This moisture becomes a breeding ground for mold in a short amount of time. Professional water extraction, dehumidification & water damage restoration from our qualified experts ensure maximum prevention of mold growth.

Additional services we offer regarding mold include:

Tackling Mold Infestation with Mold Remediation & Removal

Unfortunately, if you do have mold on your property, it may spread onto other areas & make it costlier to restore the situation. You need to act ASAP and avoid risking the value of your home & the health of your family.

Here at United Fire & Water, we have a reputation for a 30-min average response time. We arrive shortly after you contact us to address your mold-related issues. We have the equipment to prevent mold infestations as well as provide mold remediation & removal services if necessary. Give us a call at 225-401-6568 when you need our mold-related services in Baton Rouge or nearby areas in Louisiana.

Recently Completed Jobs

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Baton Rouge, LA

1) Place air purification equipment to clean air of mold spores as UFW progresses through the project 2) Set containment in bathroom during project to prevent mold spreading throughout house 3) Clean all affected surfaces 4) Disinfect all affected s...

Baton Rouge, LA

United Fire and Water found the source of leak. We performed demo and set drying equipment. He tore out all the moldy sheetrock and treated the wood. Had it tested and everything passed. We relplaced the sheetrock and painted brought it back to pre-l...

Baton Rouge, LA

We will need to packout the kitchen into the the living room. Set containment. Mold is 7ft up the wall so all the cabinets will need to come out. Do the kitchen first and inspect the shower wall.. We Need a docusketch. We will also need to set contai...

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Here in Baton Rouge, we’ve seen a lot of people attempt to handle their mold remediation themselves after the flood.

Count on United Fire & Water for the best available mold testing services in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, New Iberia, and other Louisiana cities that we serve.

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