Restoration due to Heavy Rain Damage in Baton Rouge

Heavy Rain often comes as a blessing, especially in dry areas. But when heavy rainfalls all at once, it could cause serious damage to your property. Besides flooding your whole place, you may end up having water damage all over your house. From your floor to walls, basement, and the most dangerous, your foundation could be affected due to heavy rain damage.

When you need comprehensive restoration service for heavy rain damage, depend on the expertise of United Fire & Water, as they are capable enough to handle the worst kinds of situations. Contact us online or call us at 225-401-6568 if you live in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Lafayette, and our other service areas!

Heavy Rain Damage Scenarios

Heavy Rain Damage Scenarios

There could be a number of damages you may have to encounter after heavy rain. Here are a few common scenarios after heavy rain damage-

Damage to the exterior of the house- A heavy rain may cause severe damage to the roof, windows, doors, and outside walls. Heavy rain is powerful, which could cause severe damage to the exterior part.

Flooding- When there is heavy rain, there is a chance of flooding. Because most of the time, gutters get jammed due to too much water all at once, flooding occurs. Flooding causes severe damage to a house. The floors, walls, basement, etc., may all get damaged due to water. Another threat that you may have to face due to flooding is mold, as mold thrives on moisture.

Damage to the foundation- Heavy rain may cause foundation damage. Because when too much gathers around your house, gutters may fail to pass those water away from the foundation, which could cause severe damage to the foundation.

Water Damage Floor

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