Water Line Break Solution in Baton Rouge, LA

What can be worse if one day you wake up and water comes only in drops? We never expect such a situation occurs but it's possible when someone leaves their water line unexamined or untreated for a long time.

A water line break will not only put you in water shortage but may make it worse like flood or sewage damage. When you detect it, call for help without wasting a single second.

United Fire & Water has been serving in Baton Rogue, Denham Springs, St. Tammany, and other Gulf Coast service areas with reputation and trust. Be it midnight or early in the morning, we are ready to respond to your emergency all through the year. Just call at 225-401-6568 or click here for help. 

Signs of Water Line Break?

Don't ignore the signals. 

Water Pressure

The taps' water pressure will drop when there's a defect in the water line. if it's the same for your entire house, most certainly, the water line needs repairing.

Water Bill

A sudden and abnormal jump in the water bill also indicates something is wrong.

Pipes Creating Unusual Sound

Call the plumber if any strange noise comes from the pipes. It happens because of cracks or loose settings of the pipes.

Bad Odor

Muddy, dirty, and stinky water gets into the water system when the water line is broken or damaged. As a result, an annoying odor spreads all over your home.

Puddles or Sinkholes

Be alert if you notice puddles in different places in your home or if suddenly a sinkhole appears within the home area.

Take Our Help to Bring Back Peace in Your Life

You better be safe than say sorry later. So, make a call at 225-401-6568 now! We also provide solutions for flood damage, sewage damage, burst & frozen pipe, etc. Click here to have an appointment with our IICRC-certified expert technicians.