Being Prepared For Emergency Water Extraction

It is pretty common knowledge on what to do in case of an emergency. If you are hurt or sick, you do your best to stop the pain and you go to the emergency room. If you are unable to move or get to the nearest hospital, you call 911 and try to keep still until help arrives. But what happens when you have a water damage disaster? Do you know who to contact? An emergency water extraction team is important to call in times like these. Professionals, like those at United Fire and Water, located in Baton Rouge, are trained to know how to handle crises such as these and give you peace of mind. After you contact our emergency water extraction experts, here are a few things that you can do to be prepared for such emergencies.

Emergency Water Extraction In Baton Rouge

Things You Should Do

Emergency Water Extraction
  • Remove excess water. You can do this by mopping, or using other items that can soak up the water. When emergency crews are called in, it is because there is an excessive amount of water, so removing what you can is a great start.
  • Wipe excess water from wood furniture. Wood gets warped by water and can cause structural damage. It is important to get rid of as much water as you can.
  • Remove and prop wet upholstery and cushions. The drying process can take a long time, so any sort of jump start that you can get on this will be extremely helpful.
  • Turn air conditioning on for maximum drying in summer. Air flow is one of the best natural ways for things to dry. When you have an emergency water extraction issue, immediate drying is necessary to get rid of the water. This will also help the professionals when they arrive.
  • Remove colored rugs from wet carpeting. This can cause stains which will lead to more costs.
  • Keep out of rooms where ceilings are sagging. As stated above, structural damage can occur when water damage hits anything in its path. The biggest priority is the safety of you and your loved ones, so be aware of areas that may have been affected and are in need of emergency water extraction.

Things You Should NOT Do

  • Don’t use your vacuum to remove water: Vacuums are great tools for cleaning, but water is not one of them. Although this may be an emergency in regards to water damage, do not use electrical appliances.
  • Don’t use television or other household appliances. Electricity and water do not go together. Period.
  • Don’t turn on lights or ceiling fans if the ceiling is wet.

Water damage is no funny business, and in times of emergencies, extracting the water is very important. Just like calling 911 for health emergencies, time is of the essence when it comes to water damage in your home. Do not hesitate to contact your emergency water extraction professionals for all of your needs! The sooner you contact help, the more cost efficient it will be for you! And it will give you the peace of mind you deserve!