Emergency Water Extraction - Five Mistakes Homeowners Make After A Flood

A flooded home is bad enough. The last thing you need is to compound the trouble from a flood by making costly errors during the restoration process. Unfortunately, there are many emergency water extraction mistakes that are common among homeowners after floods. The best way to avoid these errors to be aware of what they are. So, to help you do so, here are five common mistakes homeowners make after a flood from emergency water extraction experts at United Fire & Water in Baton Rouge.

Entering The Home Unnecessarily

One of the last things you should do after a flood is go back into your home until you know it is safe to do so. This is because there are many possible hazards you could encounter but be unprepared for. These include contaminated water, structural damage, and floating debris just to name a few.

Waiting To Call A Cleaning And Restoration Company

A quality water damage restoration company is your best weapon in the fight against water damage. With the superior manpower, equipment, and experience, they will be able to restore the damage far more quickly and effectively than you would be able to on your own. Delaying contacting an emergency water extraction expert is a serious mistake because it allows the water to remain in your home and cause further damage.

Five Mistakes Homeowners Make After A Flood

Neglecting A Post-Flood Home Inspection

You should have your home inspected after a flood for unseen damages. Structural problems are not always apparent once the floodwaters recede. A good inspector will check the structure of the house, the electrical system, the heating and cooling system, the sewage system, and more. This will give you peace of mind when you re-enter your home that you and your family will be safe. Failing to do so can put you in serious danger since there may be unseen hazards remaining in your home.

Not Clearly Documenting The Damage

Clear, meticulous documentation of the damage will be needed when you file your insurance claim. Failing to document the damage can lead to you not receiving the full claim amount you deserve or even having your claim rejected outright. Thus, it’s important that you make sure you take pictures of everything that was damaged and keep a written inventory of all the affected items in your home.

Not Calling Their Insurance Company Right Away

Last of all, procrastinating calling your insurance is a big mistake that leads to a more complicated claim process or having your claim denied outright. Once everyone is safe and the immediate hazard has ended, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible to notify them of their damage and begin the process of filing a claim. It can take an insurance adjuster up to a week to make it out to your home so you it’s important that you call right away to begin moving the process along.

Emergency Water Extraction In Baton Rouge

Don’t give yourself more than you can handle after a flood! Steer clear of the mistakes mentioned above by giving the emergency water extraction experts a call at United Fire & Water in Baton Rouge after a flood so we can help you successfully navigate the emergency water extraction process.