Moisture Testing

Now that the flood water have receded, your home is demoed and gutted, and HOPEFULLY you had professional Mold Remediation from a LA State Licensed Mold Contractor, you may be looking for confirmation your home is dry enough to start rebuilding.

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Do You Need Moisture Testing?

Do You Need Moisture Testing

We’ve determined that there are some local/regional/national real estate firms that are requiring a documented “moisture test” prior to listing a home for sale. There are a variety of ways to test for moisture content, but industry standards are always the same: your moisture content MUST be lower than 17% in order to safely rebuild.

What Is Moisture Testing?

Moisture testing involves testing multiple areas of the home, ( North, South, East, West) in multiple rooms of the property. These readings should be logged and documented. Having a LICENSED water damage restoration and mold remediation company do this for means that the person testing your moisture content has been trained and is experienced in what they are doing.

United Fire and Water performs moisture testing during multiple stages of water damage restoration and mold remediation, but what does the homeowner who wanted to attempt to treat mold themselves do to  receive assurance that the moisture level of their studs is at a safe and acceptable level to begin rebuilding?

United Fire and Water’s Moisture Tests

United Fire and Water has decided to offer Moisture Reading with a Moisture Log to homeowners in our area who want assurances their studs are indeed dried out enough to continue the rebuilding process. Even if we didn’t do your mold remediation or dry out, we will perform moisture readings for you. We DO require a waiver to be signed by those clients we didn’t handle the dry out for, but we will still provide you with an official log of moisture readings, signed and dated.

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