Recommendations For Emergency Water Extraction

If you found this post by googling “what to do after my house floods,” you’re probably in the middle of one of the most common problems of homeowners everywhere; flooding. While it’s very common, that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to fix. But, don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. If your home has flooded and is in need of emergency water extraction services, here are four things we at United Fire and Water recommend right away:

Recommendations For Emergency Water Extraction
  • Turn off the power to affected areas before you jump in and try to do anything restoration-related. This will keep you and your loved ones safe from electricity dangers while you have uncontained water.
  • Do a quick examination and fix obvious problems. It can be helpful to shut off water supply to the affected area (in fact, this might significantly decrease the flow of water into your home from whatever pipe or hose it’s coming from.) Be careful not to expose yourself to water, even if it looks clean. If you know the water is sewage water or is very dirty for some other reason, we recommend leaving it to a professional to clean. Even clean water will accumulate bacteria and become dirtier the longer it stands.
  • Call a professional for help. You may be tempted to attempt “DIY” restoration processes. But many who undergo those efforts end up paying more in the long run because they wait too long, or do not have proper supplies, or cannot effectively dry the area. This can worsen the emergency and result in mold growth, musty smells, or structural damage. Calling people who know exactly the emergency water extraction process and can do it right away can be an investment.
  • Remove the clutter in the area. Anything with value to you and your family should be stowed away in a safe, dry place. Removing anything loose from the area can help with prompt extraction and restoration efforts (especially rugs and loose clothing that can bleed and stain carpet when wet should be removed.) Rugs should be dried as soon as possible, within the first two days. You can also put wood or something dry and hard under furniture legs to keep water from seeping into them and warping your furniture. Any important documentation papers you have in the area should be put in the freezer. Afterwards, you can determine whether the actual papers, or just the information on them, needs to be saved. Dispose of food or drink that has been exposed to the water.

Emergency Water Extraction In Baton Rouge

If you live near Baton Rouge, calling 225-401-6568 United Fire and Water will ensure that you work with the most trusted and best reviewed restoration company in Louisiana. We’ll arrive right after an emergency and get to work extracting water and restoring your home- what we do best. After all, flooding and water damage in general can be a pretty nerve-racking, negative experience in and of itself! Our goal is to make the emergency water extraction and restoration process the opposite; as positive and easy as possible for you. We offer services in North Shore, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge.