Reducing Chances of Water Damage Cleanup in the Bathroom

Water damage cleanup can be needed in any room of your New Orleans home, and can be the result of a number of different causes. One room that seems to be affected more often than others though is the bathroom – which really is not that surprising when you consider all the plumbing fixtures that are used in the bathroom and how much water runs through them. So, how can you be proactive in reducing the chances of you needing water damage cleanup in your bathroom?

Water Damage Cleanup in New Orleans

Water Damage Cleanup in the Bathroom
  • Be sure to inspect the plumbing that allows water to run to and from your sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets. Pipe joints, connections, and curves are common places where water can begin to leak out of, so by performing regular inspections you can find and catch areas of concern before they become bigger problems. 
  • When cleaning the tub, shower, and sink, check the caulk seal around them. These seals act as a water resistant barrier to keep water from dripping down around the walls, countertops, and floors. As a result of time, caulk can begin to pull away, separate, and leave gaps where water can find its way through. The good news is you can buy caulk from most any hardware store, and it is easy to apply yourself. Consider reapplying caulk every few years to avoid any damages, and be sure to reseal any areas where it has begun to pull away. 
  • As part of a regular bathroom cleaning you should be sure to clean out the drains. Shower, tub, and sink drains can collect hair, soap scum, and grime which can build up inside them and impede the flow of water. Sometimes this buildup can get to the point where it clogs the drain entirely, meaning water can back up and overflow into your bathroom. The best way to prevent this from happening is to keep the drains cleaned out. You may want to consider installing drain guards in showers and tubs that act as a filter by catching larger particles and collecting them in the guard before they make their way down the drain. This simple step can help prevent costly water damage cleanup down the road.
  • The toilet is a major culprit of water overflow in bathrooms. This most often happens when the toilet gets clogged and is not able to drain the water completely before the clean water from the tank refills the toilet bowl. To help reduce the risk of toilet clogs and blockages, you should be sure to never flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet. Personal hygiene products and even wet wipes can catch in the plumbing and cause other items to get stuck, creating a clog. Keep a small trash can next to the toilet to make throwing these items away more convenient instead of sending them down the drain. 

While these are just a few suggestions to help keep water flowing where it should in your bathroom, they can have a big impact on reducing the chance of you needing water damage cleanup. That being said, there really is no way to completely prevent water damage from occurring, whether in your bathroom or anywhere else in your home for that matter. When you find yourself in need of water damage cleanup, no matter the location, cause, or source, United Fire and Water is here for you