Roof Damage

Hurricane Harvey has started to cause excessive rain in Louisiana. If Harvey damages your roof, United Fire and Water Damage is here and ready to help! We offer free roof inspections. Not only that, but our roof inspectors are estimators with many, many years of experience. And because we are insurance claims experts, if you DO need to file a claim, we are just the people to help you through that process.

Wind Damage

Roof Damage

Even when a storm produces no rain or hail, your roof can still sustain damage. Strong winds can create stress points on a roof that, over time, can weaken and become compromised. While roofs are designed to resist typical wind loads, they can be significantly damaged over the years by high winds and debris carried by the wind. Replacing missing shingles and fixing the initial roof damage quickly is important to prevent subsequent water damage that will inevitably result from a roof that is not working as it should. High winds from a storm like Harvey may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back when it comes to existing roofing damage.


Tropical storms and hurricanes also move debris which can make its way onto your roof. Shards of glass, tree branches, and other debris can sometimes be more damaging than the wind itself. When inspecting the roof after a wind event, we will investigate what might have blown onto or across the roof. We will also check your gutters and downspouts as debris can easily clog them and create other headaches down the road. Tree branches touching a roof can scratch and gouge roofing materials when the branches are blown by the wind. Falling branches from overhanging trees can damage, or even puncture, shingles and other roofing materials.

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