The Downsides Of DIY Water Damage Restoration

DIY home repair has risen in prominence over the years. It’s easy to be invigorated by an online blog post about the success someone has had with such projects or with the apparent “simplicity” of doing water damage restoration the “DIY” way. This, however, can be very misleading. In reality, water damage restoration can be a complicated, time and labor-intensive process. Trying to do the job on your own has a high likelihood of leading you into a project that is beyond your capacity to complete. From our water damage experts at United Fire & Water in New Orleans, here are four of the main downsides of DIY water damage cleanup.

Water Damage Cleanup in New Orleans

Downsides Of DIY Water Damage Restoration

It’s Very Time-Intensive

Water damage cleanup jobs take time. Fully getting the job done requires a great amount of attention to detail. This is largely due to the fact that any leftover water or moisture within your home is likely to spawn mold growth. This means that you cannot cut any corners in water damage cleanup. Cleaning and restoration companies, such as United Fire & Water have the time and manpower necessary to do this while you may not with your busy schedule. Thus, taking on a DIY water damage project can prove to be a much larger investment than you may originally plan on. Then, you can be stuck with this massive, time-sensitive cleanup project without really having the time you need to finish the job.

It Takes A Lot Of Manpower

Water damage restoration is hard work. It takes a lot of time and effort to make it through a restoration cleanup job. Those who are inexperienced with water damage restoration often underestimate the amount of work and effort that goes into and find themselves in over their heads when they attempt to tackle the job on their own. Water damage restoration companies, on the other hand, have the time and manpower needed to get through a restoration job quickly and effectively.

It’s Dangerous

There are several dangers associated with water damage cleanup. Water damage restoration is best handled by restoration experts since they have the appropriate equipment and experience needed to remain safe throughout the process. The dangers you expose yourself to if you attempt to repair the damage on your own are contaminated water, electrocution, and structural damage.

Water Damage Restoration Is Done Most Effectively With Industrial Restoration Equipment

As mentioned above, having the right equipment is an essential component of effective water damage restoration. Water damage restoration professionals and commercial equipment like air movers and water pumps that will allow them to remove the water and dry out the remaining moisture far more effectively than you would ever be able to on your own.

You don’t have to handle water damage restoration on your own! Call the water damage cleanup experts at United Fire & Water in New Orleans for help immediately if your home ever floods and we will be there by your side through each step of the process.