Why Duct Cleaning Is Important

You may never have thought about having your air ducts cleaned before, unless you’ve faced a mold problem, or had your HVAC contractor recommend it. Confused about whether or not duct cleaning is something that should be included in your routine maintenance? Read here for more information regarding who recommends duct cleaning, and why you should consider adding it to your maintenance routine.

Why Should You Do It?

Why Duct Cleaning Is Important

The EPA states that there is no  scientific evidence that regular residential duct cleaning improves air quality. Instead, the EPA does not recommend that air ducts be cleaned routinely, but only as needed — such as when mold, pests or excessive debris clutter the system. However, experts argue the need for cleaning depends on a variety of factors, including pets, smoking, recent renovations, local weather conditions and overall home cleanliness.

According to AngiesList.com,  “Experts say research on the health benefits of residential duct cleaning is still in its infancy. Glenn Fellman, the Indoor Air Quality Association’s executive director, says that despite the lack of scientific data, he’s seen and heard much common-sense evidence of improved air quality.

‘This is the heart and circulatory system of your house,” Fellman says. “If any of it is gunked up with dust or mold, the core system isn’t going to function correctly.’”

Not Just Another Restoration Company

We not only restore homes and businesses after natural and man-made disasters, we also teach the science behind water damage restoration and mold decontamination. As certified Restoration Educators for the State of Louisiana, we provide Continuing Education courses throughout the year for the Department of Insurance (LA), Board of Contractors (LA), the Louisiana Real Estate Commission & others. Simply put: when the State of Louisiana needs a Restoration Expert, they turn to United Fire & Water.