Job completed for Laure V.

Completion date: June 29, 2021

Location: Merrydale, LA

Why did the customer contact us?

The client called after having some plumbing issues that caused water from her bathroom to leak to her bedroom.

Solutions provided:

A United Fire & Water professional investigated the leak and identified a blockage in her sewage line. The professional also noted a very heavy sewage smell inside the home. Wastewater had backed up in multiple toilets and in one of the showers. UF&W sent a team to remove the flooring in the master bathroom, bedroom, and adjacent hallway. They also removed the bottom 4 feet of drywall in the affected areas and discarded of all unsalvagable materials. Finally, they sprayed anti-microbial in the master bathroom and in the master bedroom to prevent future mold growth and to kill any remaining bacteria.

Photos & Videos:

Front Water Damage Marydale
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Front Water Damage Marydale